Air-Fry · Crisp · Roast · Rotisserie · Dehydrate · Grill · Smoke

From the oven to the grill · do it all with just one tool · Basquettes – The Everything Basket

Eliminate the need for multiple single-use, space-hogging gadgets

Basquettes is The Swiss Army Knife of Oven and Grill Tools. This multi-use stacking basket set can be used as:

• Air fryer basket for oven
• Crisper tray for oven
• Multi-level roasting pan
• Rotisserie basket for grill + oven
• Grilling basket for fish, veggies + seafood
• Quick smoker on grill
• Oven dehydrator

6 pieces - endless cooking & grilling possibilities

Basquettes expands your oven & grill capacity with clever nesting design.

Wire design

Drains fat for healthier, less greasy food for your family and friends.

Elevated baskets

Promotes heat circulation for quick, consistent cooking.

Heat Efficient

Decreases energy usage and cook time with heat-conducting stainless steel wire.

The Everything Basket

Adjustable Tops

Holds food in place so you can flip the baskets over in one easy motion.

Intertwining legs

Allows you to stack and flip the baskets in any direction.

Detachable Legs

Enables direct grilling techniques and dispels worry of food falling through grates.

Basquettes is: • airfry tray for oven • crisper tray for oven • multi-level roasting pan • rotisserie basket for grill + oven • veggie grilling basket • seafood + fish grilling basket • quick smoker on grill • barbecue tool • oven dehydrator

You multi-task, your cookware should too!

Do almost everything with just one tool.

Make delicious french fries, wings,
veggie chips and more
with a fraction of the grease
and in a fraction of the time!

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less grease


Easy food with Basquettes
Fast food with Basquettes
Healthy food with Basquettes

Cook with more fun
and less effort.

Multi-Use Tool

✓ Air-Fry, Grill, Smoke, Roast, Rotisserie, Dehydrate, Crisp & Cool

✓ Multi-Use Baskets = Less Kitchen Clutter

✓ For Everyday & Entertaining

Cook quickly
and consistently.

For Ovens & Grills

✓ Designed for Rapid Heat Circulation

✓ No More Tedious Flipping of Individual Pieces of Food

✓ No Microwave Sogginess

Cook healthier,
less greasy food.

Delicious Results

✓ Patented, Fat-Draining Design

✓ Maintains Mouthwatering Flavor and Nutrients

✓ Turns Your Oven Into a High-Capacity Air-Fryer

Dishwasher Safe

Basquettes are dishwasher safe
to make clean-up easy.
Always use cooking spray or oil
to prevent food from sticking.

Energy Efficient

Basquettes heat up quickly
and have wide handles that are
easy to grip while wearing oven mitts.

Metal Utensil Safe

Basquettes are made of
durable, non-reactive, rust-proof,
premium stainless steel.

Setting up and using Basquettes

Setting Up + Using Basquettes

I love Basquettes! I use them all the time during the week to make quick and delicious "sheet pan" meals. Now I have more time to spend with my family.

Monica G.

I am officially a grill master now that I have Basquettes. My smoked meats are the envy of the neighborhood. So moist and flavorful.

Frank F.

Basquettes are so easy to use! You can stack and flip them in multiple directions and you can use them without tops so they work for all different types of food.

Kristen P.