Beef Jerky

Our family, especially Jim, loves beef jerky so we decided to do our own take on one of our favorite recipes by Gimme Some Oven. We switched this recipe and made it our own by taking out the liquid smoke and salt and adding 2.5 tbsp of sriracha for a touch of spice.  Use the Basquettes baskets and tops to lay the strips of meat on 4 levels. Use the insides of both baskets as usual for two layers, then put the tops on each basket and use those for layers three and four. With four layers of beef jerky, you will have plenty for the whole gang – it’s just like having an extra large dehydrator (but it’s easier to use and less expensive).  Supposedly this beef jerky can be kept in a container for up to a month but ours was eaten in days so we don’t really know!

Most of us think of jerky as a convenience store junk food loaded with tons of sodium, nitrites, MSG and other ingredients and preservatives that sound like a stomach ache waiting to happen. But at it’s core without all those extras, jerky is an amazing hunger-satisfying source of protein and an excellent choice for an every day snack. By making homemade jerky, you are controlling the ingredients (we recommend starting with grass-fed beef) and thus making a much healthier snack for your family and friends. Homemade jerky is also great for any of you who follow popular diets like Paleo, Keto, or Whole30.