Cooking salmon and veggies in Basquettes

Baked Salmon

Gimme Some Oven has the perfect, simple baked salmon recipe. Our favorite part about this recipe is that you can always add sauces or other seasonings or you can follow the recipe as-is, either way you’ll end up with an easy, healthy and tasty meal.  Salmon is one of our go-to’s all year round.  To complete …

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Plated halibut kabobs and veggies

Halibut Skewers

Can you tell we love seafood?  Halibut is a mild white fish that you can do so much with.  Sometimes we just add whatever spices or sauce we have in our pantry and other times we following this refreshingly, delicious recipe for halibut skewers by Pamela Salzman.  Putting food on a skewer makes it all the …

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Stuffed peppers in Basquettes

Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

These are NOT your grandmother’s stuffed peppers!  We love this Ree Drummond recipe even if we changed things a little (we just can’t help ourselves).  Using Beyond Meat and flavored Rice A Roni gave this a new super scrumptious twist.  By using Basquettes and adding water to the baking pan underneath, the bottom of the peppers was moist and evenly cooked …

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GAME DAY chicken wings made in Basquettes

Crispy Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are a fan favorite for game days, summer picnics, potlucks and snacking all year ’round.  Our go-to recipe was created by Tastes Better From Scratch.  The best part about chicken wings is you can always do something different. We like switching up sauces and seasonings to make chicken wings work with a variety of …

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Cooking carrots in Basquettes

Roasted Carrot Soup

With just nine ingredients (including salt and pepper) and a fifteen minute prep time, this roasted carrot soup recipe by Food52 is a go-to dinner party appetizer, especially in the Fall and Winter.  It is dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan, so it is perfect if you have guests with different dietary restrictions. We have found this to be …

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Eggplant roasted in Basquettes

Roasted Veggies

What does grandma always say?  Eat your vegetables! There are so many delicious vegetables to choose from but when it comes to cooking for pickier eaters, these are our go-tos: Roasted Cauliflower (we recommend cooking at 400°), Roasted Carrots, Roasted Eggplant and Roasted Squash.  Basquettes make these recipes a breeze, especially when it comes to flipping the veggies (no more …

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Kale chips in Basquettes

Kale Chips

Thank you, Food Network for the easiest, crunchiest kale chip recipe.  We know it’s not always easy to get people to eat their veggies, especially green ones…but with this recipe, plates will be cleared before you can blink.  We recommend drizzling sriracha on top of the kale chips and then dipping them in honey mustard sauce. This …

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