Basquettes Takes the Stress & Guesswork Out of Prepping Holiday Staples, Leaving More Time for Family

Never before has there been one cooking/grilling tool that you could use to prepare turkey five different ways, until Basquettes, “The Everything Basket”. This high-capacity nesting basket set with patent-pending interlocking legs can be used on the grill or in the oven so you can roast, rotisserie, smoke, grill or air-fry your Thanksgiving or Christmas Day bird.

So, this year, throw away the bulky turkey fryer or single-use aluminum roasting pans that are terrible for the environment and instead reach for Basquettes. You’re guaranteed to unleash your culinary creativity and create memorable dishes that’ll impress all guests, no matter their dietary restriction.

“You multi-task, your cookware should too” says Lauren Wilmot, the daughter of the dynamic mother-daughter duo behind Basquettes, which is the most innovative and versatile cooking/grilling product to hit the market this century. “We love cooking together, working together and playing together. Basquettes lets us prepare easier, faster, healthier meals and snacks. After all this nation has been through lately, we want to make sure that people really enjoy their holidays together this year, so we are sharing some of our favorite tips for using Basquettes to make your holiday meals extra special.” 


Instead of using a traditional roasting pan, where the potatoes and veggies sit in grease, use the two baskets stacked. Put the turkey or tofurkey in the top basket and the veggies and potatoes below so they catch all the flavors but don’t sit in fat. Hello, multi-tasking! The heightened position and woven design enables grease to drip through and air to circulate ensuring consistent, fast cooking so family and friends can gather and gobble! The bottom veggie basket can be turned to ensure even cooking as the patent-pending legs will always intertwine and the adjustable tops hold the food in place.

Smoke (on the Grill)

We love smoking foods, but it takes a long time to get a traditional smoker up and running. With Basquettes, there is no need to spend extra time doing that. Our quick smoking tricks let you concentrate on the many other things that make the holidays special. To smoke the turkey, make several thin, tin-foil packets that are about 18-inches long and fill with your favorite hardwood (we love apple flavored!). Place one or two foil packets on the grill grates then place the turkey in either basket over them. By keeping the legs on the basket, the turkey will sit just above the delicious wood smoke, absorbing all the flavors as it smokes on your grill. Replace the wood-chip packets as needed for a perfect Thanksgiving turkey.

Smoke (in the Oven)

Sometimes smoking on a grill just isn’t an option. In this case, turn your oven into a smoker/steamer with Basquettes. Fill a baking pan with wood chips and water and then set a basket with the legs on, holding the turkey, onto the baking pan. The wood chips will gently steam and smoke your turkey resulting in a delicious, moist turkey flavored by wood chips. Be sure to spritz the wood chips with water keeping them thoroughly moist throughout the roasting process. Set a timer and check every 30 minutes.


The grill is a great way to cook turkey that packs a flavorful punch. Spatchcock a smaller turkey and use Basquettes. The adjustable tops will allow you to rotate the spatchcocked bird in one seamless flip with ease. Delicious!


This is one party trick you can now easily do without the bulky rotisserie oven or a rotisserie spit. You can cook a tender rotisserie turkey that has the gorgeous deep golden-brown skin we all dream of. To rotisserie, keep the legs on the baskets and remove the tops, then stack the two baskets with the openings towards each other to make a cage (accommodates a 5” high bird). Easily turn the baskets over with the ergonomic handles on a regularly timed basis to make mouth-watering rotisserie turkey.  


With its pathetically small basket and low-capacity threshold, there’s no way on Earth you’d be able to cook a holiday dinner in a traditional air-fryer. That’s why we created Basquettes with a revolutionary, high-capacity basket design that turns your oven into an air-fryer to cook more than enough food for the whole crowd. This is particularly useful for the vegan or vegetarian cook who wants to provide plentiful options for their guests. Use the convection roast setting of your oven to quickly and easily air-fry amazing holiday veggies or tofurkey.  Don’t forget to put a baking pan beneath!

About Basquettes

Founded by a dynamic mother-daughter duo, Basquettes is an all-in-one cooking and grilling tool designed for the home chef to make easier, faster and healthier food. The innovative, stackable basket set is comprised of two multi-functional and multi-positional nesting baskets that feature removable and adjustable tops, plus patent-pending intertwining legs, allowing them to be stacked and flipped in any direction and in one easy motion. The heightened position of the wire baskets enables grease to drip through and air to circulate, resulting in healthy eats and fast cooking times. Perfect for air-frying, grilling, smoking, roasting, dehydrating, crisping and cooling, there’s no longer a need for tons of single-use gadgets cluttering countertops and shelves. On a mission to bring fun back into the kitchen, Basquettes allows people to unleash their culinary creativity for all occasions and everyday meals and snacks.

Currently offered at introductory pricing of $135 (originally $178) including shipping, Basquettes can be purchased at or on Amazon Prime. Be sure to follow @BasquettesCook on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube for fun recipes and the latest product updates.