The Everything Basket

Take these recipe ideas and make them your own

Air-Fry, Grill, Smoke, Roast, Rotisserie, Dehydrate, Crisp & Cool with Basquettes – The Everything Basket.  These recipes ideas are just a starting off point for you to unleash your culinary creativity!  For more recipe ideas, visit our YouTube channel and once you start creating your own recipes, make sure to send them to us.  We are excited for you to be a #BasquettesCook.

Pro-Tip: When converting an air-fry recipe to the oven, set the oven temperature 25° to 50° higher than the recipe says. We also recommend adding 10 minutes to the cooking time to adjust for the relative size of an oven compared to the small size of an air-fryer.

air fryer pan for convection oven • crisper tray for oven • multi-level roasting pan • rotisserie basket for grill + oven
• veggie grill pan • fish grill pan • quick smoker on grill • oven dehydrator • air fryer tray for oven