Smoked Chicken

Turn your grill into a smoker in the snap of your fingers when you use Basquettes.

Step 1: Make your own smoke pouch with a handful of flavored wood chips and aluminum foil (wrap the wood chips with the aluminum foil then poke two quarter-sized holes in the foil).

Step 2: Turn the grill on and place the smoke pouch directly on the grill.

Step 3: Spray your Basquettes with high-heat non-stick spray.

Step 4: Season your meat / veggies and put them in Basquettes. For an even smokier taste, try seasoning with Liquid Smoke.

Step 5: Put your Basquettes on the grill over the smoke pouch and let the smoke work it’s wonders!

This smoked chicken recipe by Hey Grill Hey is one of our favorites for entertaining. When smoking a whole chicken, we set Basquettes up as a rotisserie basket (stacked facing each other with the legs on – no tops). We also love smoked chicken wings on game days and for potlucks.