French Fries

Enjoy guilt-free snacking when you make homemade French fries in your Basquettes. If you have a picky eater on your hands, French fries are hard to say no to so you can test different spices and flavors and maybe expand their palette little by little just by serving them a delicious snack.

If you’re just starting out, see the video below or try this recipe by Well Plated for traditional fries or this recipe by Feel Good Foodie for sweet potato fries. When making French fries in Basquettes, don’t overlap them in the baskets. Instead, lay the fries in four layers: one layer in each of the baskets as usual, then put the tops on both baskets and put layers three and four on the tops. Finally, re-stack the baskets (so whatever basket was on top is now on bottom) halfway through cooking rather than flipping everything upside down.

Expert Tip: To fancy up our fries and make them more adult-approved for dinner parties or classy picnics, we love adding parmesan, basil and a pinch of truffle salt. This turns a traditionally greasy fast food item into a unique appetizer or side dish that people will rave about!

Expert Tip 2: Our favorite food bloggers say the key to making crunchy french fries is removing starch and removing moisture. To remove the starch soak the raw potatoes in water (the longer you soak the fries, the crunchier they will be!). To remove the moisture, fully dry the potatoes after soaking and cook them longer.